We believe that creating a great company takes time. As such, we are patient investors who endeavor to invest in good companies with the potential to become great companies.

We believe that conducting ourselves with integrity and in a straightforward manner is consistent with the objective of building great companies and creating value for all of the stakeholders in our companies.

We believe that the best results are achieved when the long-term interests of management and providers of capital are closely aligned and we attempt to structure our transactions with this in mind.

We believe that active board participation often yields the best results and is consistent with the notion that no one person has all the answers.

We believe that to successfully grow a business and create value for all stakeholders, an affirmative vision for a company must be clearly articulated and rigorously executed.

We believe management is the lynchpin of an organization and we work hard to forge a strong collaborative relationship with management to ensure the successful execution of that company’s vision.

We believe in vigorous discourse and encourage diverse well-considered opinions, both of which foster better investment and operating decisions.

We believe that our investors’ interest comes first. We are stewards of our investors’ capital and take this responsibility very seriously, which will be manifest in every decision we make.

We will do what we say and say what we do. Period.